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John Hegner
is a creative musician with powerful intuition. Drawing from his extensive musical experience, he creates beautifully personal, intuitive compositions.

"I hear melodies and rhythms happening around me all the time in the sounds of everyday life. If you listen closely you might hear a symphony. I also hear music when I turn that listening inward. When I focus on a thought, person, or image, I can hear a soundtrack to underscore the moment. Each subject has a certain vibration, one that can be explored and translated musically."

Guided by divine inspiration and a keen awareness of emotional energies, John spontaneously expresses a musical message containing positive, healing tones with the intention of support.

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Kathryn Andries is a nationally known author, teacher and public speaker. Her books include "Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose," "Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships" and "Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed." Her childrens books include "The Dream Doctor" and "The Big Desire" (fall 2014).

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Custom websites and logo designer

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The School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to teaching the Universal Laws and Metaphysical principals which govern our universe. We provide the highest quality of education
available in the area of the intuitive arts and sciences, promoting wellness and development of mind and body by addressing all levels of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

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The School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences was created to provide the highest quality of education available in the area of the intuitive arts and sciences.

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Janice Olson’s website is full of “light-work” information and exercises designed with help from angels to assist people on their spiritual path. Learning to work with the Divine and the angels can light the way we live, to its highest potential.

"Heather and I have known Mrs. Beening for several years as she was my daughter's art teacher and mentor in middle school andI assisted in the class as needed. Recently, my daughter and I were invited to a "Painting Party." Mrs. Beening would be there to facilitate a painting for us and offer insights about our paintings. . The timing was perfect…My daughter was leaving for college in a few short weeks, and I would be saying "good-by" to my little girl. Heather's experience with the intuitive painting was a confirmation of everything I've known about my daughter: she's talented, ready and prepared. Mrs. Beening's guiding words of encouragement, faith, and advice while painting, fully reflected who my daughter is.This gave my daughter a moment to breathe.... as she was now able to see how others believed in her and is integrating these concepts into herself. The end result was beautiful on every level. She keeps the painting on her desk at school and uses it for strength and direction.

My painting is a reflection of who I am as the mom who has let one "go" and still has one with a few high school years to go…Faith in my daughter and Trust in my son. Mrs. Beening's words gave me a sense of peace in a time that was a bit overwhelming. As I see it now there is so much joy in Mrs. Beening's painting, and there's so much to come as my life changes with my children moving forward. Words of Trust, Caring, Commitment come to mind. Having had Mrs. Beening thoughtfully "reveal" through my painting and her words brought forth a sense of excitement for my children, my husband and myself. It has been an honor and a privilege to have participated with Mrs. Beening in her art, her Spirit, and her passion." - E.B. Barrington, IL

"Thank you so much you really touched my heart! If you only knew what my daughter and I are going thru right now in our lives. You made me/us feel that there is truly hope and things will truly be in our favor and things are going to get better for us and that we both will be ok. I'm so glad I walked into that store and met you! You melted my Heart. Thank you so much!" - G.V. Cary, IL
"In the past year, I have come to learn of the gifts and talents of Kathleen Beening. I asked her to create intuitive paintings for my mother and myself. I was curious to learn what messages we would receive. When I received my painting, I was awestruck. Not only was it beautiful, the meaning behind each image was inspiring, peaceful and exactly related to me. I look at it every day to reflect on the messages The Lord wanted me to hear. These initial paintings prompted me to have paintings done for my two children as well as my husband. The beauty, the messages and the spirit from which these paintings came is beyond words. The beautiful messages for my children as they reflect about what The Lord wanted them to know at this moment as well as for their life's path lie in the images on their paintings. They are truly inspiring. I have become the biggest cheerleader for Kathleen. As we have shared our experiences and our paintings with friends and family, it prompted me to have Painting Parties where Kathleen was able to create paintings for them. She has been a blessing to our family and has enhanced our spiritual connection to The Lord through her talent and gifts".
- C.D. Barrrington, IL
"I appreciate Kathleen's insight, guided by her artistic talent. This rare combination combines a continuous visual reference supported by her intuitive words that ease and enlighten your worries and present thoughts you may be questioning. A gift from God". - D.D.P. Barrington, IL