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Intuitive Painting
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All paintings are watercolor
unless otherwise indicated

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Barn and Purple Rocks
Baton Rouge Estate
Birch Trees in Autumn
Size: 11x15
"Barn and Purple Rocks"
Size: 11x17
"Baton Rouge Estate"
pencil drawing
Size: 9x12
"Birch Trees in Autumn"
Size: 11x17
Deserted Farm House
Farm House in Sandwich,IL

Size: 11x17

"Deserted Farm House"
Size: 5x7
"Farm House in
Sandwich, IL"

Size: 11x15
colored pencils & pastels
Size: 8x10
Hawaiian Getaway
Mosaic Fish
Mountain Tops
Red Rocks/Green Sky
"Hawaiian Getaway"
Size: 11x15
"Mosaic Fish"
"Mountain Tops"
Size: 11x17
"Red Rocks Green Sky"
Size: 11x15
Old Farmhouse
One Birch Tree
Sailing Home
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Old Farmhouse"
Size: 9x12
"One Birch Tree"
oil on canvas board
Size: 18x24
"Sailing Home"
Size: 11x15
Stepping Back
Texas Mountains
Withered Leaves
Birch Tree
"Stepping Back"
Size: 5 1/2x7
"Texas Mountains"
Size: 11x17
"Withered Leaves"
pencil drawing
Size: 8x10
"Birch Tree"
Size: 18x24
Spring Valley Barn in Schaumburg, IL
Queen Annes Lace
"Spring Valley Barn in Schaumburg, IL"
size: 11x15
Size: 8x11 3/4
"Queen Annes Lace"
Size: 11x15
"Wild Flowers"
Size: 11x15
Hawaiian Fantasy
Spring Valley Farm
Size: ?
"Hawaiian Fantasy"
Size: 11x17
Size: 11x17
"Spring Valley Farm"
Size: 11x15
Oregon Pines
Plums on a Tree
"Oregon Pines"
Size: 9x12
Size: 11x15
"Plums on a Tree"
Size: 11x15
All paintings on this website are copyrighted.
Reproductions of these paintings is strictly prohibited, under penalty of law.