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Intuitive Painting
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All paintings are watercolor
unless otherwise indicated
As Above, So Below
Autumn Grasses
Be Flexible
Size: 12x17 1/2
"As Above, So Below"
Size: 11x15
"Autumn Grasses"
Size: 11x15

"Be Flexible"
Size: 18x24

Birded Angels
Captured in the Mist
Chakra Flow
Eagle Mountain
"Birded Angels"
Size: 11x15
"Captured in the Mist "
Size: 11x15
"Chakra Flow "
Size: 11x15
"Eagle Mountain "
Size: 12x17 1/2
Mystic Green Angel
Over Sedona
Size: 11x15
"Mystic Green Angel"
Size: 11x15
"Over Sedona"
Size: 11x15
Size: 11x15 SOLD
Rainbow Forest
Red Lava Rocks
Size: 11x15
"Rainbow Forest"
Size: 11x15
"Red Lava Rocks"
Size: 12x17 1/2
Size: 11x15
Ribbons of Healing
Rock Dwellers
Peace on Earth
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Ribbons of Healing"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Rock Dwellers"
Size: 10 1/2x11
"Peace in Purple"
Size: 7 1/2x11
They That Lie Beneath
Sunset Reflection
Supported by Spirit
"They That Lie Beneath"
Size: 11x15
"Serenity" SOLD!
Size: 11x15
"Sunset Reflection"
Size: 7 1/2x11
"Supported by Spirit"
Size: 11x15
Three Sacred Circles
Three Trees
Tree of Creation
"Three Sacred Circles"
Size: 11x15
"Three Trees"
Size: 11x15
Size: 11x15
"Tree of Creation"
Size: 11x15
Tree Spirits
Two Angels
Long Neck Jack
"Tree Spirits"
Size: 11x15
"Two Angels"
Size: 12x17 1/2
Size: 11x15
"Long Neck Jack"
Size: 12x17
Whimsical Creatures
Everyting Illuminates
Fire Keeper
Fire People
"Whimsical Creatures"
Size: 11x15
"Everything Illuminates"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Fire Keeper"
Size: 11x15
"Fire People"
Size: 11x15
Frozen Pond
Fantasy Garden
Get Up and Move
Green Mountain Yellow Sky
"Frozen Pond"
Size: 11x15
"Fantasy Garden"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Get Up and Move"
Size: 10x15
"Green Mountain
Yellow Sky"

Size: 12x17 1/2
Green Trees Purple Sky
Green Oak
Golden Rock People
"Green Trees Purple Sky"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Green Oak"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Golden Rock People"
Size: 12x17 1/2
Size: 7 1/2x11
Healing Garden
Healing Orbs
Hidden Lion
"Healing Garden"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Healing Orbs"
Size: 11x15
"Hidden Lion"
Size: 11x15
Size: 11x15
In the Beginning
"In the Moment"
Size: 7 1/2x11
"In the Beginning"
Size: 11x15
Size: 11x17
"Texas Fish"
Size: 11x15
Look at Me
Spirit Totems
Barn on a Cool Color Splash
Come Forth
"Look at Me"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Spirit Totems"
Size: 6x9
"Barn on a Cool Color Splash"
Size: 11x15
"Come Forth"
Size: 11x15
Bound by Earth & Sky
Bursting Out
"Bound by Earth & Sky"
Size: 11x15
Watercolor & pastel
Size: 11x15
"Purple Eagle"
Size: 11x15
"Bursting Out"
Size: 11x15
Fall Collectibles
Fall Colors
Fenced in Trees
"Fall Collectibles"
Size: 11x15
"Fall Colors"
Size: 12x17 1/2
"Fenced in Trees"
Size: 12x17
Size: 11x15
Its a Party
Love and Kisses
Innocent Perception
"Mountain Cliff"
Size: 12x17
"It's a Party"
Size: 11x15
"Love & Kisses"
Size: 11x15
"Hollow Earth"
How it Works:
Commissioned Art work: A deposit of $100 (check or money order) will be cashed before the watercolor painting begins. Be prepared to have an “intention” for the painting desired, the hours intended for the painting, the size desired (5x7 to 24x48 approx). If you desire a painting of a “loved one” in spirit, it would be beneficial to have a photo of the deceased sent to me. Balance of the payment will be due before the painting will be sent to you. You will be responsible for all shipping and handling based on the size desired. [ contact ] me today!

All paintings on this website are copyrighted.
Reproductions of these paintings is strictly prohibited, under penalty of law.