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Monthly Insights and specials from Kathleen!

Places where you can find Kathleen
flowerEnlightened Balance in Crystal Lake, IL Saturdays (10am-5pm) or by appointment

Custom (In The Moment) Intuitive painting sessions $80/hr, $50/30min, $30/15min. Contact us for an appointment.

Intuitive art classes for adults and/or children are available. My prints, paintings and greeting cards are also available for purchase!

flowerHowl at the Moon in Richmond, IL

See calendar for specific dates (12-5pm)

My Intuitive greeting cards are available for purchase. Custom, in the moment "Intuitive painting sessions" are available upon request. Contact us to make an appointment.

flowerMcHenry County College (Continuing Adult Education) in Crystal Lake, IL

Classes: experience learning how to paint intuitively, as well as lectures and demonstrations about the process of intuitive painting. Contact college for classes and times.


Kathleen Beening is a visionary, metaphysical artist who receives Divine Guidance. Intuitively this information is transformed into the painting. Letting go of outcome, allows her to trust in the Divine power. Intuitive and artistic insights emerge as she sees through the eyes of Spirit. These visions bring in peace, clarity and understanding.

Every painting has an intention, whether is be personal or an insight captured in the moment. Inspiring messages from Divine Spirit are conveyed not only in the completed painting but also in an explanation offered. Paintings provide positive life changes, assistance in healing: physical, mental or emotional issues.

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